Joe Philpott and Peter Carver Avalanche Scholarship
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The Philpott and Carver families formed this scholarship in honor of two adept backcountry enthusiasts, Joe and Peter, whom were both lost to avalanches in 2013. The scholarship provides tuition assistant for an accredited level 1 or level 2 Avalanche Course. The courses focus on making safe, educated decisions in the backcountry, offer hands-on avalanche safety, study snow conditions, and teach rescue basics. Qualified recipients will demonstrate commitment to their backcountry education and to the outdoor community. Recipients of the scholarship will be expected to be an active member of Friends of the San Juans (FOSJ), including volunteering at events such as fundraisers, classes, ski swaps, highway clean-up, etc. Please take your time in filling the application out! We encourage photos, videos, and any sort of creativity to set your application apart from the others! If you have any media please email it to with your name in the subject line!! Thanks, the JPPC scholarship team!!

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